ECS Publishing
ECS Publishing is the parent company of E.C. Schirmer Music Company, Galaxy Music Corporation, Ione Press and Highgate Press. All permissions and mechanical license requests related to music with an ECS Publishing copyright, or any of its aforementioned affiliates, must be made through ECS Publishing or its affiliated licensing organization.

Other Publishers
Many ECS publications include works with texts or tunes copyrighted and owned by other publishers. We do not have the right to grant reprint permission for the use of these copyrights. Permission requests must be made directly to all copyright owner(s) of the material you wish to use.

In order to help churches reduce the need to continually contact publishers for reprint permissions, ECS Publishing has joined OneLicense.Net. For one yearly fee, provides church musicians with yearly or single use licenses to reprint congregational hymns and songs of its several publisher members. also provides online reporting which allows churches to easily inform publishers of the titles they have reprinted.

ECS Publishing is a member publisher of Christian Copyright Licensing International. CCLI provides various types of licenses to help churches with congregational worship. The most popular license is the "Church Copyright License", which gives reprint permissions for overheads, songsheets, songbooks, bulletins, etc. CCLI provides this license for a yearly fee and requires churches to report their copying record. For more information about all types of CCLI licenses, please visit their website.

If you will be using any of ECS Publishing’s copyrighted materials, please select your request, fill out the online form and submit it to us.

We have listed our most common license requests below. If these requests do not fit your needs, send us an e-mail explaining the nature of your request.

Mechanical License Requests (recordings)
A mechanical license is required prior to reproducing recordings of any ECS Publishing’s copyrighted material onto CDs or cassette tapes. The fee is determined by multiplying the number of produced CDs or cassettes by the current statutory rate of $.091 per song.

ECS Publishing is represented by the Harry Fox Agency, which issues mechanical licenses and collects fees for many music publishers. You may choose to request a license directly from us or through Harry Fox.

If you plan to record music from our catalogue, please fill out the online request form and submit to us.

Click Here to Request a Mechanical License

Synchronization License
A synchronization license is necessary if you plan to use ECS’ copyrighted material in conjunction with visual images, such as television, movies, videos, and DVDs. If you plan to record music from our catalogue, please fill out the online request form and submit to us.

Click Here to Request a Synchronization License for DVDs

Click Here to Request a Synchronization License for Streaming/Broadcasts/Other Synchronization Uses

Performance License
ASCAP and BMI are ECS Publishing’s performing rights organization. They will administer performance licenses on our behalf. You may also email us with your request.

Photocopy License
ECS does not typically grant permission to photocopy. In rare situations, however, we will grant photocopy licenses which will precisely indicate a certain number of copies for a specific work. The license will also require that a unique copyright notice is placed on all copies, showing that permission was received from ECS Publishing.

If you feel that you need a photocopy license, please email our permissions department with the following information:

  • Title of publication
  • Catalogue Number
  • Name of Composer and/or Author
  • Details of specific use and purpose for photocopies