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27 Haiku


27 Haiku

Product Number: 8665*

Composer: , Kohn, Steven Mark

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8665 27 Haiku
file_8665-01E That Winter (Downloadable)
file_8665-02E Defeated in the Fray (Downloadable)
file_8665-03E Enviable Leaves (Downloadable)
file_8665-04E Over the Ruins (Downloadable)
file_8665-05E Behind Me the Moon (Downloadable)
file_8665-06E While I Turned My Head (Downloadable)
file_8665-07E Hill of Flowers (Downloadable)
file_8665-08E I’m Very Sorry (Downloadable)
file_8665-09E On the Temple’s Great Bronze Bell (Downloadable)
file_8665-10E Where Does He Wonder (Downloadable)
file_8665-11E Even in Castles (Downloadable)
file_8665-12E Oh, the Tiny Cry (Downloadable)
file_8665-13E An Old Silent Pond (Downloadable)
file_8665-14E Having Spoken Ill (Downloadable)
file_8665-15E In My Small Village (Downloadable)
file_8665-16E From Watching the Moon (Downloadable)
file_8665-17E Thinking Comfortable Thoughts (Downloadable)
file_8665-18E After Bells (Downloadable)
file_8665-19E It Is Not Easy (Downloadable)
file_8665-20E Mister Toad (Downloadable)
file_8665-21E Poppy Petals Fall (Downloadable)
file_8665-22E Into a Cold Night (Downloadable)
file_8665-23E A Thousand Captains (Downloadable)
file_8665-24E The Exquisite Pure White Fan (Downloadable)
file_8665-25E I Have Known Lovers (Downloadable)
file_8665-26E Live in Simple Faith (Downloadable)
file_8665-27E Snow Whispering Down (Downloadable)
*Downloadable minimum order quantity is 2.


Originally called hokku, the familiar 3-line verse began as the opening of a group improvisation called renga which evolved in Japan in the middle ages. Often creating spontaneously, one poet would speak the first three lines, another poet would add the next two, another the next three and so on until a longer composition had evolved. This creative collaboration was an important social, creative, and intellectual pastime. Eventually the opening three line groups (whose lines commonly had syllables of 5, 7, and 5 respectively) achieved a life of their own and became the haiku (a merging of hokku and hakai (playful) that we know today.
The poetry used in this collection was written by the most famous Japanese haiku masters, of whom Basho (1644–94) is considered their founding father. His deep humanity and intense observation of the natural and human world combined to elevate the haiku tradition to its epitome. The poet and painter Buson (1716–84) and the beloved Issa (1762–1826) carried on the tradition and instructed and inspired future generations. Through their work and the work of their compatriots, the impressions of the world around them were distilled into poetic “glimpses,” brief moments of casual acknowledgement, profound beauty, or gentle sadness. The steady references to the seasons, trees and flowers, the small creatures of nature, the intensity of human relationships as well as those quiet moments spent in thoughtful reflection, give us an impression of their world and their relationship to it. Duration: 27:00
That Winter
Defeated in the Fray
Enviable Leaves
Over the Ruins
Behind Me the Moon
While I Turned My Head
Hill of Flowers
I’m Very Sorry
On the Temple’s Great Bronze Bell
Where Does He Wonder
Even in Castles
Oh, the Tiny Cry
An Old Silent Pond
Having Spoken Ill
In My Small Village
From Watching the Moon
Thinking Comfortable Thoughts
After Bells
It Is Not Easy
Mister Toad
Poppy Petals Fall
Into a Cold Night
A Thousand Captains
The Exquisite Pure White Fan
I Have Known Lovers
Live in Simple Faith
Snow Whispering Down

Additional Information

SKU (Product number) 8665*
Composer/Arranger ; Kohn, Steven Mark
Voicing & Instruments Medium Voice and Piano
Topics (Secular) Love, Multicultural, Nature/Landscape/Earth/Sky
Difficulty Medium
Language of Text English
Historical Period 20th Century
Popular Vocal Searches Art Song, Vocal Solo
Publisher E. C. Schirmer Music Company

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