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A Young Kim

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A Young Kim (b.1979) graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where she earned master's degree both in music composition and organ performance. She studied composition and electronic music with Dr. Robert Frank and Dr. Martin Sweidel, and studied organ and harpsichord with Dr. Larry Palmer. She obtained a B.M in composition from Yonsei University, where she studied with Jiesun Lim, Seokjun Gong and Nanwook Paik. During that time she also studied organ with Soo Young Kim at Aquinas Institutum Musicae Sacrae.

Kim participated in June in Buffalo festival in 2008 and performed her electro-acoustic piece, Meeting of Two Strangers and studied with various faculties including Cort Lippe, Roberto Morales, Morton Subotnick and Hans Tutschuku. She was awarded for her suite for woodwind quartet from Deagu Contemporary Universiade of Young Musicians' Society in 2004, and performed the awarded piece. She received Dora Pottet Barckay Award, Meadows Artist Awards, O'Brien Scholarship and Johnson Doris Scholarship from Meadows school of Arts, Southern Methodist University.

She is also active as an arranger and orchestrator. She worked for various performances including the exciting concert for children in Deagu in 2005 and the Seoul Metropolitan Opera:Gala concert in 2004, the Japanese tour of Korean opera Shimcheong (Dong Jin Kim) in 2005 and the Joy Ensemble concert in 2008, several concerts of the Hwaum Chamber Orchestra (2009-2011). She worked as both a score editor and an arranger for Hallelujah Christian Church (2003-2005), for Dallas Young Nak Presbyterian Church (2006-2008).

As an organist, A Young Kim was presented at the Rising Stars concert of Dallas chapter of the American Guild of Organists. She also appeared at Meadows Museum's Organ music in gallery.

Currently Kim is working for Gangnam Symphony Orchestra, Seoul, Korea as an orchestra librarian, and arranger. She has served as an organist at Seongnam Presbyterian Church since 2008.


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