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Carol Nicholeris

Carol Nicholeris

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Carol Nicholeris (b. 1955) is a Professor of Music at Bridgewater State University where she teaches music theory, form and analysis, counterpoint, survey of jazz and other general music studies. She is the music director of the Bridgewater State University Alumni Chamber Choir, a position she has held for more than 15 years. Carol received her BM in music education from Boston University (1977), an MAT in creative arts (1983) and a CAGS in education administration (1991) from Bridgewater State University, and a DMA from Boston University (1997).

Dr. Nicholeris has served as a public school music specialist for 20 years, teaching all grade levels K-12, and she has over 15 years teaching experience in higher education. Her education-research interests are focused in music curriculum philosophy and design as developed in accordance with brain research and studies in physics. Along with her work in education, Dr. Nicholeris has an extensive background as a choral conductor, having directed church, community, college and all manner of school choruses.

Carol’s first performed choral work was written when she was a student in high school, and she has been writing music ever since. Her compositions include works for chorus, solo voice, piano, instrumental solo and chamber ensembles, symphony orchestra, dramatic and semi-dramatic works, and the Mass “Ancestral Remembrances” for soloists, chorus and orchestra. Carol’s music has been performed both locally and internationally, and she is published through ECS Publishing.

In addition to her work in music education, conducting, and composition, Carol enjoys hobbies such as craftwork, photography, hiking and fishing. Often, she can be found wandering in the White Mountains of NH, and her crafting and photo works are on display in local gift shops and galleries.


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