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  1. Centennial Mass

    Centennial Mass

    Product Number: 80-855*
    Composer: Trapp, Lynn
    Voicing and Instruments: SATB and/or Cantor, Congregation, Keyboard, opt. Two C Instruments, Trumpet, Guitar, Timpani

    Available Editions:
    80-855 Centennial Mass (Choral/Keyboard Score)
    80-855A Centennial Mass (Full Score)
    file_80-855A-E Centennial Mass (Downloadable Full Score)
    80-855B Centennial Mass (Brass Instrumental Parts)
    file_80-855B-E Centennial Mass (Downloadable Brass Instrumental Parts)
    80-855C Centennial Mass (Woodwind Instrumental Parts)
    file_80-855C-E Centennial Mass (Downloadable Woodwind Instrumental Parts)
    80-855D Centennial Mass (Guitar Accompaniment)
    file_80-855D-E Centennial Mass (Downloadable Guitar Accompaniment)
    80-855E Centennial Mass (Assembly Edition)
    file_80-855E-E Centennial Mass (Downloadable Assembly Edition)
    80-855CD Centennial Mass/ Morningstar Mass (CD Recording)
    file_80-855-1E Centennial Mass: Lord, Have Mercy (Downloadable)
    file_80-855-2E Centennial Mass: Glory to God (Downloadable)
    file_80-855-3E Centennial Mass: Gospel Acclamation (Downloadable)
    file_80-855-4E Centennial Mass: General Intercessions (Downloadable)
    file_80-855-5E Centennial Mass: Eucharistic Acclamations (Downloadable)
    file_80-855-6E Centennial Mass: Lamb of God (Downloadable)

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  2. Morning Star Mass

    Morning Star Mass

    Product Number: 80-750*
    Composer: Trapp, Lynn
    Voicing and Instruments: SATB and/or Cantor, Congregation, Organ, Brass Quartet, Timpani

    Available Editions:
    80-750 Morning Star Mass (Choral/Keyboard Score)
    80-750A Morning Star Mass (Full Score)
    file_80-750A-E Morning Star Mass (Downloadable Full Score)
    80-750B Morning Star Mass (Instrumental Parts)
    file_80-750B-E Morning Star Mass (Downloadable Instrumental Parts)
    80-750C Morning Star Mass (Assembly Edition)
    file_80-750C-E Morning Star Mass (Downloadable Assembly Edition)
    80-750CD Centennial Mass/Morning Star Mass (CD Recording)
    file_80-750-1E Morning Star Mass: Lord, Have Mercy (Downloadable)
    file_80-750-2E Morning Star Mass: Glory to God (Downloadable)
    file_80-750-3E Morning Star Mass: Gospel Acclamation (Downloadable)
    file_80-750-4E Morning Star Mass: General Intercessions (Downloadable)
    file_80-750-5E Morning Star Mass: Eucharistic Acclamations (Downloadable)
    file_80-750-6E Morning Star Mass: Lamb of God (Downloadable)

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2 Item(s)

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